Massage in Yerevan

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Looking for a massage in Yerevan? Look no further. You are in the right place.

Our SPA center offers you a large variety of massage services.

Types of Massage in Yerevan

Classical – Improves supply of muscles and skin with oxygen and nutrients, relieves them of toxins, restores blood flow to the subcutaneous fat, removes swelling.

Relaxation – Is performed by soft and hard movements throughout the body, which allows, among other things, to achieve muscle relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension neck and shoulders.

With aromatic oils – Massage combined with aromatherapy helps you to explore a whole new level of SPA experience.

Lymph drain – It’s a manual massage technique used to clean cellular toxins that do not fall into the venous system because of their size, and often remain in the body due to poor lymphatic drainage.

Anti-cellulite massage – The main reason that cellulite develops is poor circulation. It is caused by problems with blood and lymph circulation and increased toxins in fat tissues. This massage improves blood and lymph circulation and helps fill tissues with purifying oxygen.

With honey – This type of massage is based on the curative effects of biologically active substances contained in honey. It has beneficial effects on the human skin and overall health. During the honey massage significantly improves blood circulation in deep layers of the skin and underlying muscles, which helps to improve the power of internal organs and tissues.